Network Requirements

To configure the network requirements for a Scout system with Kodiak endpoints, consider the following:

VPN Tunnel

  • The VPN tunnel must come up successfully. This requires accurate exchange of information on acceptable equipment. Acceptable equipment includes Cisco®, PaloAlto, WatchDog, and CheckPoint.
  • Once you establish the VPN tunnel, you must allow network traffic on the inside of your network to pass down the tunnel to the other side of the tunnel. The same must exist with the VPN tunnel and Kodiak networks.
  • Depending on your environment, you may need static routes pointing to the tunnel peer for the Kodiak networks.

Kodiak Endpoint

Each conversation between a Scout console and a Broadband PTT network subsystem (talkgroup or unit call) requires 44 kilobits (kb) per second of bandwidth. A Broadband PTT network-to-Scout console call requires 35 kb/sec.


Scout allows jitter ranging from 60 ms to 2.5 seconds.


Scout supports separate Differentiated Services (DiffServ) values for audio and control packets between the console subsystem and the Broadband PTT network subsystem. This allows the network administrator to provision the Ethernet network that ties the console subsystem to the Broadband PTT subsystem to give priority to the voice communication packets to reduce latency and provide an excellent Quality of Service.

For more information, see the Architecture and Networking Design Considerations document.